The Zen

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For you, the perfect Specialty Coffee starter and the serious connoisseurs!

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“The Zen” series comprises 3 specialty coffee beans selected every season.
This season we are bringing you 3 of our proudly South East Asia region coffee, you will be surprised that even without adding sugar & margarine to make it Kopi-O style, these coffee taste just like, or better than coffee from other regions. With these taster packs, you can taste all their original coffee fruit tastes.

Experience the unique flavors each cup gives & discover your favorite one ☺

Start brewing your Zen lifestyle with these aromatic ones.

1. 100g of Malaysia Johor Bagan Liberica (Natural)

Jackfruit, Nutty, Caramel, Smooth Bitterness
Recommended: Pour Over, French Press

2. 100g of Myanmar Shan State Ywangan (Natural)

Winey, Ripen Fruits, Nutty
Recommended: Espresso Based, Pour Over, French Press

3. 100g of Thailand Chiang Rai Saked Dao (Washed)

Floral, Sweet & Sugary, Green Apple
Recommended: Espresso based, Pour Over, French Press

Recommended to start with:
1:15 brewing ratio (Pour Over/French Press)
1:2 (Espresso)

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