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RM 35.00

Inspired by classic Italian coffee, the Solemn blend is created for your reminiscing adventurous cup of coffee.

SOLEMN is roasted to create the strong, rich, full body and mouthful coffee while in the meantime not disguising the natural beauty of the beans. Aromatic with spicy after taste, without a doubt, perfect for espresso!

Dark roasted Solemn consists of: India Monsooned Malabar and China Yunnan Menglian Baoshan

Earthiness, Bold and Roasty, Cocoa, Sugarcane.

RECIPE: We recommend the following recipe as a starting point

Dose18 grams
Brew temperature
Brew time
26-32 sec
Brew Ratio
Brew weight
36 grams

*This profile and recipe was developed as a reference for the start of your espresso calibration, and not an absolute as different machines extract differently.

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