Premium Coffee Bundle (Strong)
Premium Coffee Bundle (Strong)

Premium Coffee Bundle (Strong)

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Love your coffee fix every morning, but want your premium coffee at an affordable price?

Our RM95-worth premiere coffee bundle would be perfect for you!

  • Artisan grade coffee (YES, cafes use our premium beans!)
  • Serving up to 60 cups of coffee
  • As low as RM2.80 per cup of artisan coffee

You can even blend around with these to give you a balance of smooth coffee + strong coffee punch!

Here is what we have bundled up for you:

  • 100gram 100% Premium Arabica A+ - Yunnan Baoshan
    • Medium roast. Balanced and bright fruity acidity with a Pu-er tea finish
    • Equivalent to 8 cups of serving
  • 200gram 100% Premium Robusta #18 - Vietnam Lam Dong
    • Medium-dark roast, morning power boost with a bold and full body. Strong and smooth bitter finish, reminiscent of dark chocolate and almond. 
    • Equivalent to 18 cups of serving
  • 350ml Basic French Press
    • Beautiful high-quality French Press with 350ml capacity and it's up to you to personalize the strong-ness of your coffee (serves up to 2-3 cups)