Power Up Bundle: 3-in-1 ☕️☕️☕️

Power Up Bundle: 3-in-1 ☕️☕️☕️

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3 different pack of beans in a bundle - The Basic, The Local & The Exotic.

Power Up bundle is our bundle deal that comprises of 3 different beans for you to savour!


Experience the different varietals, regions and flavours and how every cup can be different in the world of coffee!

  • 100g  - 100% Premium Arabica - Yunnan Baoshan

Premium hand-picked Arabica planted in the high altitude of Yunnan Baoshan at 1400m above sea level. Medium roast. Balanced and bright fruity acidity with a Pu-er tea finish.

  • 100g - Johor Bagan Liberica

This Johor Bagan Liberica was sourced from the growing region of Bagan in Johor Malaysia. Liberica is typically grown around South East Asia during 1980s. The cup is proudly Malaysian grown, processed and roasted. Taste very different from African and American grown beans.With light roasted, it comes very light with notes of Nut, Jackfruit, Caramel. Coffee Enthusiast should definitely give it a try to add to your coffee dictionary!

  • 100g - Ethiopia Sidama Shentabene

This Ethiopia Sidama Shentabene was sourced from the Sidama Region in southern Ethiopia and its coffee is so well known that it has been subdivided into its own micro region. Most of its coffee grown at above 2,000 meters above the sea while this Shentabene is grown between 1,950 - 2,030 meters. The cup is light roasted and comes with a very fruity, floral perfume and sweet coffee blossom taste.