Johor Bagan Liberica
Johor Bagan Liberica

Johor Bagan Liberica

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The Local Coffee Bean

This Johor Bagan Liberica was sourced from the growing region of Bagan in Johor, Malaysia. Liberica is typically grown around South East Asia during the 1980s. The cup is proudly Malaysian grown, processed and roasted. Taste very different from African and American grown coffee. With light roasted, it comes with light notes of Nut, Jackfruit, and Caramel. Coffee enthusiasts should definitely give it a try to add to your coffee dictionary!

Region Bagan
Altitude 0-10 ms
Varietal Liberica
Process Natural
Roasting Level Light Medium
Taste Note Jack Fruit


Packaging Estimation Chart
This is a chart meant for people who are just getting started with coffee, if you are a seasoned coffee brewer, your own measurement will be more accurate than this.

  • 100g
    ~ 5 espresso extractions (double basket)
    ~ 8 cups of  (filter / french press)
  • 250g
    ~ 14 espresso extractions (double basket)
    ~ 22 cups of coffee (filter / french press)
  • 500g
    ~ 28 espresso extractions (double basket)
    ~ 43 cups of coffee (filter / french press)
  • 1000g
    ~ 55 espresso extractions (double basket)
    ~ 87 cups of coffee (filter / french press)