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Drip Sip Drink - Drip Bag Coffee - Your Convenience to Specialty

When you can't miss your aromatic cup of coffee, but have no gears on hands, or you have no gears to start brewing your own cups, your problems are all solved.

 Specialty coffee, brew and enjoy anytime anywhere!

1. Tear open the pack, hang on your favorite cup/tumbler
2. Gently pour over hot water for 2 - 3 rounds, until 180 - 200ml of coffee
3. Remove drip bag, sip and drink!

What's in there?

Box A - Yunnan Arabica A+

Process: Natural
Altitude:  1,400ms
Roast: Medium
Taste Notes: Balanced and aromatic cup, cherry sweetness, smooth and light bitterness.

Box B - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
(ABeans's Seasonal pick)

Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,900 - 2,300ms
Roast: Medium Light
Taste Notes: Red fruits, cherry, fruity and juicy body, sweet and chocolaty.


Each box comes with 6 drip bag coffee, 13 gram coffee in each bag.

Recommended to brew with 180 - 200ml water.

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