Coffee Hobbyist Starter Kit (Arabica)

Coffee Hobbyist Starter Kit (Arabica)

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Want to start brewing your own coffee?
You don't need a coffee machine to start appreciating coffee. Let me introduce to you our starter kit. With this, you will be able to bring your favourite anywhere, everywhere without being tied down by a coffee machine.
You only need 2 things:
  • Freshly roasted coffee beans. Every good cup of fresh and authentic coffee needs good quality beans. We will roast them ON-DEMAND for you!
  • French Press. This is the essential tool for you to brew your own coffee and it is portable too. You no longer need to leave your coffee behind!
We bundle this starter kit with you in mind! 😊
  • 250 gram of 100% Premium Arabica A+ Yunnan Baoshan - This is the basic, standard, everyone must have coffee beans to start the day
    • Medium roast. Balanced and bright fruity acidity with a Pu-er tea finish
    • Equivalent to 20 cups of serving
  • Basic French Press - Beautiful high-quality French Press with 350ml capacity and it's up to you to personalize the strongness of your coffee (serves up to 2-3 cups)

There's more FREE GIFT & BONUS!

  • FREE 100 gram of Vietnam Robusta #18- We are giving you extra coffee beans which we handpicked from Vietnam. Give it a try!
    • Medium roast, morning power boost with a bold and full body. Strong and smooth bitter finish, reminiscent of dark chocolate and almond. 
    • Equivalent to 8 cups of serving