Yunnan Baoshan - Robusta by A Beans Roastery, great with espresso drinks
100% Premium Robusta - Yunnan Baoshan

100% Premium Robusta - Yunnan Baoshan

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Premium hand-picked Robusta planted in the high altitude of Yunnan Baoshan at 1,400m above sea level.

Medium roast, with a bold and full body. Strong and smooth bitter finish, reminiscent of dark chocolate and berries.

Region Yunnan
Altitude 1,400 ms
Varietal Robusta
Process Natural
Roasting Level Medium Dark
Taste Note Smooth Bitter
Gin Seng


Packaging Estimation Chart
This is a chart meant for people who are just getting started with coffee, if you are a seasoned coffee brewer, your own measurement will be more accurate than this.

  • 100g
    ~ 5 espresso extractions (double basket)
    ~ 8 cups of  (filter / french press)
  • 250g
    ~ 14 espresso extractions (double basket)
    ~ 22 cups of coffee (filter / french press)
  • 500g
    ~ 28 espresso extractions (double basket)
    ~ 43 cups of coffee (filter / french press)
  • 1000g
    ~ 55 espresso extractions (double basket)
    ~ 87 cups of coffee (filter / french press)