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China Yunnan Menglian Baoshan

RM 34.00

Surely most people have heard of Yunnan for their popular Pu'er Tea. This coffee is sourced from Meng Lian Baoshan region in Yunnan China, known to be the first place where coffee was introduced to China. Back then, they did not focus on coffee farming and only produce commercial grade coffee until late 90's. With their years and years of improvements on plantation and processing technologies, Yunnan produced coffees have earned reputations from coffee lovers around the world. Same as their Pu'er Tea, this Baoshan Coffee will surely surprised you and give you some unforgettable experience.

This medium level roasted coffee gives you the caramel and sugary sweetness, some syrupy body, and gives a fine cup from Espresso extraction and light acidity when brewed with filter pour over. All in all, the cherry sweetness is lingering.

Altitude1.400 ms
Roasting LevelMedium
Taste NoteCherry Sweetness

Sugar Cane

Candied Apple

Recommended Brews: Pour Over, French Press, Cold Brew, Espresso, Moka Pot.

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