Partnering with ABeans

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If you are starting your very own cafe/coffee shop/restaurant, or that your business is growing with the need to look for constant roasted coffee bean supply, this is where ABeans plays its role.  

We supply both single origin specialty and blend coffee beans to businesses for them to serve great cups of coffee to customers, and have helped startup coffee shops with their coffee bean supply. At ABeans, we take the challenge to roast consistently to provide quality coffee beans. We perform cupping and quality control process weekly to ensure excellent quality in every batch of your coffee. 

1. Click to the link below:

2. Fill in your business details

3. We will contact you for further discussion and ship a sample of our coffee (100g) for you to try out.

Whether you're a coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, or any business, contact us to get a plan tailored for you. We would be glad to help you out and roast your coffee fresh for you.

Mobile: +60 16-697 9137/+60 11-3353 2178