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The Essentials (Limited Bundle)

Hello to all the newbie coffee enthusiast, everything you need is here! 

 “The Essentials” bundle comprises pour over set, basic manual grinder & our best selling coffee bean. 

Take things slow and enjoy the process.

- Hario V60 Size 02 Pour Over Set 

- Basic Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder 

- 250g of 100% Premium Arabica – Yunnan Baoshan 

RM272.00 MYRRM235.00 MYR
The Classic

Do you like to feel a little fancy

 “The Classic” bundle comprises our two everyday coffee beans & a basic French press.Nothing goes wrong with the classic.

- Basic French Press 350ml 

- 100g of 100% Premium Arabica – Yunnan Baoshan

-100g of 100% Premium Robusta – Yunnan Baoshan

RM75.00 MYRRM65.00 MYR
The Zen

For you, the serious connoisseur

 “The Zen” bundle comprises our three specialty coffee beans.Experience the unique tastes each cup gives & discover your favorite one.

-  100g of Ethiopia Guji Uraga Gomero G1

- 100g of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Red

- 100g of Ethiopia Sidama Shentabene

RM90.00 MYRRM70.00 MYR

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The testimonials

"Ever since I know about A Beans, I never miss out on a good coffee cup every morning because I got a good quality and fresh beans." 

 Peony B.

Fresh coffee is one of the best guilty pleasure in life. And A Beans definitely provides one of the best coffee! 

 Jonah H.

"I love the fact that every single coffee beans are roast to order!" 

 Nic O.

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