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Coffee Brew Guide

The grinder you use, coffee you choose, and even your water source, can alter the taste in the cup. Every machine/ brewing method is different, so you want to think of these parameters more as guidelines than rules. Play around with your brewer and parameters to get each coffee to taste just how you like it.

Before you brew, you may preheat your brewing gear with some hot water to warm everything up.

Extra Tips

Storage: Your lovely coffee beans should be stored in cool (but doesn’t need to be in the fridge) and dark place. Do not forget to keep it airtight, you may move it to your airtight container if you wish or simply keep it in the seal-able bag.


Your time to explore, if you prefer:

  • Stronger coffee, use more coffee beans

  • Less bitter, grind coarser or shorter brew time

  • Less acidicity, grind finer or longer brew time.