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Frequently Asked Question

What does ABeans do?

We source our green coffee beans from trusted farms/traders in order to ensure the quality that we wish to provide to our customers. We aim to share our coffee to existing coffee lovers as well as those who wish to start their coffee journey and amaze them with how specialty coffee can hit their palate. Besides, at ABeans Roastery, we roast our coffee to order and deliver them fresh to customers.


Why roast to order?

In order to ensure our customers get to enjoy the optimum flavor of the coffee, we roast their coffee upon order and have them delivered to their doorstep in 3 – 5 working days. Coffee beans start losing their flavors along with degassing once they are dropped from the roaster. The norm is to brew the coffee after 4 – 7 days of degassing from the day it’s roasted to enjoy the optimum flavors in your cup. 


How should I get started with ABeans?

If you are equipped to brew some coffee, pick your interested Premium or Specialty coffee beans in our store based on your flavor likings, you can always check with us for recommendation based on flavors or brewing methods. If you are just starting to brew your own coffee, you will find hand grinder, French press, and pour over brewing kit to get you started with our coffee beans.


Do you sell in whole bean or ground coffee?

Currently we are providing grinding service for only 100g and 250g coffee for convenience. As coffee flavor starts getting stale when ground, it is always recommended to grind your coffee before brewing. While 100g and 250g ground coffee could be finished within a week to a month, it’s flavor would still be in it's best zone.


I do not have the equipment/ gadgets to brew my own coffee.

We provide the basic kits you will need to get started to brew your own coffee. You will find French press and pour over brewing kit in our store to kick-start this coffee lifestyle.

If you are feeling not to spend on the coffee gears just yet, we suggest to go for drip bag coffee to get started on specialty coffee. Check out our drip bag coffee .


Do you provide blend?

We are in the development of our very own house blend, will be exciting to launch it to our customers. Stay tuned!


Do you provide wholesale supply?

We supply coffee bean to cafe and other businesses with trade pricing. Casually drop us an email at abeansroastery@gmail.com to have your wholesale plan tailored for you.


I have further questions/ need further guidance.

We would be glad to share what we know with you, do drop us a message at abeansroastey@gmail.com, or to our Facebook page inbox at https://www.facebook.com/abeansroastery/