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Malaysia Johor Bagan

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The Local Coffee Bean

Liberica coffee being the rarest coffee species in the world, which holds only less than 2% of the world's coffee production until today. Proudly, Malaysia is one of the countries that produce Liberica coffee.

This Johor Bagan Liberica was sourced from the growing region of Bagan in Johor, Malaysia and produced by our fellow friend "House of Kendal". Due to its low sea level, this coffee has a really low density, thus the roasting done on Liberica in order to not kill its flavor profile is a different but fun experience compared to other coffee.

Liberica is typically grown around South East Asia during the 1980s. This coffee we present is proudly grown, processed, and roasted in Malaysia. Tastes very different from African and American grown coffee. With medium light roasted, it comes with light notes of Nut, Jackfruit, and Caramel with its overall distinct Liberica taste profile. Coffee enthusiasts should definitely give it a try to add to your coffee dictionary!

RegionBagan, Batu Pahat
Altitude10 ms
Roasting LevelMedium Light
Taste NoteJack Fruit (Nangka)



Smooth Bitterness


Recommended Brews: Pour over, French Press.

*Our coffee beans are roasted on-demand, roast date will be stated. Default roasting sessions on every Monday & Thursday unless otherwise scheduled* 

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