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Grab your On-the-Go coffee bean. The discounted coffee beans here are FRESHLY ROASTED and ready to ship to your doorstep. 

Special Campaign lasts for limited time only!

While we always provide roasted to order coffee to your door step, in order to maintain the consistency on our coffee beans' quality, we roast with minimum batch size we set for each coffee, sometimes we will be packing additional packs of beans besides the orders placed, sitting on the shelves of our roastery.

These coffee are freshly roasted (with roasting dates stated), and sitting on the shelves in our roastery. We are offering them at a discounted price for a limited time period from the roasting date. The coffee beans will be disposed once they exceed their 3 months span. So grab them home if you love them!

We will often have surprise offer like these "unplanned" ones. So be sure to check this section out from time to time.

Note: we provide only whole beans for this campaign. As this is the only way to keep the coffee beans fresh for this long. 

Enjoy brewing!